A Low Carb, High Cheese Taco

Snow days are always a great excuse to whip up something new in the kitchen. When I was a kid it was always pancakes with something weird in them, like gummy worms or stale chopped up peeps from last Easter. I think my mom is pretty happy I moved on from that phase of my life since there are now pink stains on our ceiling from when I would attempt a big flip - not me, the pancakes. The closest thing I could do to a flip as a child was when I would bounce on a trampoline from my butt onto my feet. I always nailed it.

Three things I always have in my fridge – cheese, eggs, bacon, and chives. I’m completely lying about the chives, but it makes me sound cool and effortless, like Martha Stewart in the late 90’s. BUT WAIT! Aren’t you supposed to buy bread and milk in emergency situations like this!? I will never understand why the night before a giant storm people subject themselves to a trip to the grocery store – where adults are acting like 15-year-old girls at a Taylor Swift concert… except instead of an mildly talented pop sensation, the star of the show is literally a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread (two extremely irrelevant ingredients, unless you plan on eating nothing but cereal and dry toast for the entire snowpocalypse).

Well long story short, I didn’t have any bread to have with my eggs. NBD. I didn't need the carbs anyway. Instead, I made a fried cheese and egg taco. Hmmm, how do I explain this better? You know that crispy burnt piece of cheese you would pull off the stove and secretly eat after making a grilled cheese? Imagine only that type of cheese as the vehicle for your fried egg. Yeah.


shredded cheese – pick your poison (My favorite’s gouda…  jk, it’s cheddar)

thick cut bacon

1-2 eggs

chopped chives

cracked pepper – because it sounds fancier than normal pepper

salt – if you’re a psycho like me and think cheese isn’t salty enough on it’s own


First things first, cook the bacon. You can bake it, fry it, microwave it – anything to get it crispy. Let it cool and then chop it up. Set aside.

Find yourself a serious non-stick pan. I say serious because if you bought your pan from an infomercial and it’s green, it’s not serious.

On a low flame, sprinkle a handful of shredded cheese directly onto the serious non-stick pan (no spray needed) in the shape of a circle – whatever size you want the taco shell to be. Make sure not to completely load up the pan with cheese (tempting, I know). You want some holes in between your shreds of cheese.

Let the cheese melt until it is bubbling – it will start getting slightly darker. Then, crack an egg (or two) directly on top of the cheese. Let the egg whites spread out across the cheese, but try to keep the yolk in the center of the circle.

Sidenote – if you’re not about the fried egg, try cracking the egg into a bowl and scrambling it and then pouring it into the pan.

Once the egg is almost completely white around the sides, sprinkle on the chopped bacon – don’t be shy. Add the chives, salt, pepper, etc. And by “etc.” I mean literally anything you want.

Allow the egg(s) to cook to your liking. I like my yolk super runny, but if you don’t add a lid to the pan to help steam the top of the egg.

Use a spatula to release the cheese from the pan. Start from the edges and work your way in. Once the cheese/egg is free, you can slide it right onto a plate and eat it “open-face” or you can hold it like a taco shell. Keep in mind that once the cheese is removed from the heat that it will harden pretty quickly. My trick is to put it directly into a taco holder so that it forms the correct shape.

Serves: 1 – a lot (depending on how many you make). They only take about 3-5 minutes each (kind of like a pancake), so go cray!!

Enjoy and be safe out there peeps! Do everything in your power to avoid those milk sandwiches, you're better than that!!