Hi everyone!

My name is Gab and I created this website to talk more about food and share some of my stupidly easy and measurement-free recipes with you. I am a full-time foodie and part-time everything else.


I grew up in an authentic Italian household, with homemade pizza on Fridays and gravy on Sundays (and not the type of gravy you pour on top of a turkey on Thanksgiving). IDK this whole situation is very awkward for me because my dad calls it sauce and my mom calls it gravy. This has pretty much been the biggest fight I have experienced between my parents... and it still hasn't ended.

BUT, because my mom is the woman who taught me how to properly sear a steak, she wins this one SORRY DAD ILU.  I like to consider my mom a gourmet chef, who occasionally overdoes it on the basil. I have learned from her to follow my love for food. When it comes down to it, she is the one who should have the food blog, but she is too technologically challenged (I didn't use that term - she did).

As a post grad living in Hoboken I have learned to get cable without paying a monthly fee, parallel park in a space tighter than my skinny jeans, and navigate around a crowd from a dance floor to the bar. But more importantly I have learned how to cook quick meals for myself (and my coworkers), and have found some of the greatest places to eat that NYC/Hoboken have to offer. 

My favorite bite would have to be a GOOD bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. And when I mean good I'm talking like buttered roll, runny fried egg, thick cut bacon, and TONS of melted cheese. When I say I am in a relationship with cheese and it is complicated… I mean it.

I have an unhealthy obsession with Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye West, John Legend, and Chrissy Teigen (waddup girl). Everything else about me is pretty irrelevant for this blog.

*Disclaimer – I don’t like to bake because I don’t like to measure. None of my recipes need to be exact and TBH I probably won’t be able to provide you with correct measurements because I honestly have no idea.